About us

ATP Images Co. was founded by Arthur Thill in 1983 in Munich, Germany. After

years of experience in providing photo services to a wide variety of news agen-
cies, Arthur, in partnership with Amin Jamali, started a new chapter
in the history of the company in 2019, launching the ATPImages website with
the aim of offering a broader range of services.

Serving all types of media, ATP Images provides digital photo coverage of glob- al and international events, including sports events, film festivals, and entertain- ment events, to name but a few. We are currently in cooperation with more than 120 professional photographers stationed all over the world, providing extensive coverage of all major international events to the global market. We also aim to focus a significant amount of our efforts on content from contributors in the Middle East region.

ATP offers images from staff and contributing photographers, working with a host of regular contracted professional event photographers based all over the world. Since 1976, ATP has covered and archived a total of 18 Olympic Games

 Our Company and Team

A native of Luxembourg, Arthur Thill obtained his Master's degree in Profession- al Photography in 1973. He has since been a freelancer photographer for several renowned magazines and companies. Since the establishment of ATP Images in 1983, Arthur has been at the helm of the company, while also continuing his ac- tivities as a photographer.

Having started photography at the age of twelve, Amin Mohammad Jamali has worked as lawyer and a professional photographer for more than two decades. He has covered 5 Olympic Games and 6 FIFA World Cups. His photos have been published by many renowned media outlets, including New York Times Magazine, ESPN, the Guardian, among others.


Due to our management team’s extensive experience in working with some of the world’s most renowned photo agencies and media outlets, ATP Images op- erates with the highest professional standards and based on the needs of the modern photography community.

We aim to establish a mutual exchange of photos with reputable photo agencies through which both parties can be guaranteed greater exposure of their works.

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